Panel Building Exteriors – Important Advantages

Property-Photographers-exterior-20621Have you ever wondered why some buildings are clad with terracotta instead of more conventionally used materials? It is not just residential buildings that are given terracotta panel exteriors; many commercial buildings also feature this unusual material. It is one of the most ancient building materials known to man but it is now available in a modern form.

The reason for the popularity of this material is that it offers a great many advantages. The most important benefits of using it are:

• Lightweight: Since this material is very light it can easily be used to clad a large surface without increasing the weight of the structure very much.

• Cheap: Being much cheaper than glass, marble, granite or any other stone, it is a great way to reduce the cost of construction.

• Eco-friendly: It is made of natural materials and the process by which tiles are made has very little negative impact on the environment. People who are interested in leading a sustainable lifestyle will naturally appreciate using this material. Terracotta does not absorb heat easily and therefore it can keep a building cool even if it is in direct sunlight. Needless to say, this helps to keep power costs within control since the building won’t need as much cooling as a conventional structure.

• Versatile: The panels can be made up of tiles, bricks or baguettes made of terracotta. This material can easily be made into tiles of the required shape, size, thickness and color. You can also use flat, grooved or sanded tiles depending on your preference. There are also many different applications. While some people might just prefer to use them decoratively, others use them to protect the building from heat. Contrary to popular opinion, this material can also be used along with modern designs.

• Attractive: Terracotta is without doubt a very attractive material and some of the most beautiful buildings of yore had roofs made of these tiles. They have lovely earth tones and the buildings that are clad in them look extremely warm and attractive.

If you are planning to use a terracotta panel on your building exterior then it is very important to buy your materials from a very good company. Be sure to select a tile manufacturer that offers a wide range of high quality products for you to choose from. You will be able to create a truly attractive building if you have the best supplies to make your ideas come alive.

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