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Choosing the Right Estate Agent for You

FetchImageOnce you have made the decision that you want a holiday home, there is nothing left really for you to decide. You just have to find the right estate agent for you, in the country that you want to have the home in.

Many people choose hot countries to have the home in because they want to get away from the bad weather of their home country. Therefore, hot countries are more popular and you might find that the homes are more expensive.

However, you might find that certain countries want to attract foreign buyers to their market because it is good for tourists and it means more money is spent in their economy. Therefore, they might have a villa market that is extremely affordable.

Also, you need to think that the house prices abroad will be a lot cheaper than in your home country anyway. You might even find that you can get a large villa, with a pool and a garage, and even some land, for less than you paid for a small house, at home.

If you are thinking of buying a house abroad and you have already decided on the country that you want to buy in, then you should read on for some tips on how to choose the correct estate agent.


Before you even start looking for an estate agent, you need to decide what sort of budget you want to have. You also want to decide if you have any wriggle room in the budget.

Once that is decided you should start contacting estate agents and letting them know what you are looking for. You should tell them that you need to stick to a budget otherwise they might show you villas that you can’t afford.

If you fall in love with a home and you want to buy it, but can’t afford it, it will set you back and you might not even want to look for other villas then. You might feel that, that home is perfect and you don’t want any others.

Then you might go back to the bank and ask for more money, even though you know that you can’t really afford it. You will be risking the home if you do this unless you know that you can make a lot of rental income from the property.

You should only consider taking this step if you know that you can definitely make a rental income immediately once you have bought the property. You should not take any risks, just in case you end up losing the house.

You have to be 100% sure that you will make a rental income before you agree to a mortgage that you might not be able to afford. You will have a better chance at securing a rental income if you buy a villa in an area that is popular with tourists.

Estate Agents

It is better for you in the long run, if you use an estate agent that specialises in selling villas to foreign buyers. This is because they will be able to advise you on rules that countries might have for renting the property out, and they will be able to advise you on any services that you might need to employ, like janitors or pool cleaners.